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 by Jeff Watters, Consumer Advocate


The Simmons Beautyrest Black Brooklyn Mattress is listed as either a plush firm pillow top or a plush pillow top mattress. m This comfort designation that indicates it is in the middle of the comfort scale or what some people may say is supportive with a small comfort top. The Brooklyn comes with a Triton Foundation (commonly called a box spring) base which utilizes the latest technology that prolongs the life of the mattress. Quite an upgrade from last years Beautyrest Black Daniela which it replaced.

The following are the specifications for the newest and quite frankly most comfortable mattress in the Beautyrest Black line. You can see that Simmons is really adding great quality features integrate all of the best materials (CertiPur Rated) in their new Beautyrest Black mattresses this year. See for yourself:

Product SpecificationsSimmons Beautyrest Black Brooklyn

Fire Resistant Fiber
1" GelTouch
1" Luxury Firm Comfort Foam (in the plush firm mattress)
1" Luxury Plush Comfort Foam (in the plush mattress)

SMOOTH V BORDER: 7849 Warm Gray Spacer
V-Border Height: 7" Offset VF

1" AirCoolMemory Foam
1" Plush Comfort Foam

2" Luxury Firm Comfort Foam

Variform Smart Response and Adv PC
14.75 ga SR .074 with 17 ga Adv .054

8" Quantum (flange) on H/F Rails

850 (based on Queen)

Ventilated AirCool™ BeautyEdge® Foam Encasement

1/2" Energy Foam Layer

Triton® European Foundation
Regular Foundation 9" High
Low Profile Foundation 5-1/2" High

15 inches

Triton European Foundation

20 Year Limited Warranty

Let me explain what each layer of material is and how it accommodates a better mattress for the consumer.

The term "FR" stands for fire retardant. Not a very romantic term to describe a mattress component but required by law since July of 2007. It is almost always abbreviated when listing in an components list. Since the addition of this fire retardant layer however manufacturers are now able to design into the mattress better air-flow techniques.

1" of gel touch is listed as the first comfort layer in the mattress. This gel layer actually separates the foam allowing air to pass through the mattress, keeping you more comfortable while you sleep. There are two types of air-cooled memory foams listed on this list and the second is below the gel-touch and is less expensive to produce however it offers greater support.

Here is a little secret about Simmons mattresses. When you see the term "plush comfort foam" or "luxury firm comfort foam" it is an adjustment layer added to achieve a certain feel to the mattress. When it relates to the word plush it is added for softness, luxury firm brings about a more solid support structure. Obviously if you are considering the Brooklyn Beautyrest Black you want a mattress with softer comfort layers and great support.

The energy foam used by Simmons is believed to make the mattress last longer. A good thing because this mattress has a 20 year warranty and the air flow systems described above keep you comfortable by allowing the mattress to adjust to the heating or cooling of the room. This is my personal favorite improvement in mattresses this year. I expect it to be duplicated by all the larger "S" brand companies.

I need to address that this mattress and others in the Beautyrest line have fewer coils than previously found in the World Class models. Since these coils are quite stronger and combined with the triple wrapped advanced coils it isn't necessary to have as many coils. The quality is still there. The official specifications states it utilizes 13.5 gauge SmartResponse Coils with 17 gauge triple wrapped cable coils. I am glad to see this change as the original introductions were just too hard for most people.

The Beautyrest Black Brooklyn is introduced this year with the 14.75 gauge coils combined with the cable coils mentioned above. I rate it as 4.75 out of five for quality pillow tops if you are seeking a solid mattress with a long warranty period. Not a higher priced Beautyrest Black Pillow Top mattress but still worth buying if you want a high quality mattress. It can be delivered in 2 weeks or less by special order.

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Best regards,

Jeff Watters