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The Simmons Beautyrest Hollingsworth comprises two levels of the World Class Recharge line up. It is the only individual retail name that crosses into two levels because the Macys Company wanted an extra firm mattress in their opening line up and the only extra firm World Class was the second level or what is known as the Dartmouth Drive Ultimate firm. I only imagine that since there are people who consider the extra firm mattress to be superior that there is some psychological advantage to having the ultimate firm called the same as the rest of your World Class line. See the unique pattern of the Hollingsworth/Dartmouth Drive below and to the right.  It is the only mattress with this diamond pattern as the rest of the line uses a different pattern.

Simmons Dartmouth DriveThe Simmons World Class Recharge Annapolis Place is the very same mattress as the Hollingsworth, as long as it is not extra firm. As I mentioned above the extra firm is the Dartmouth Drive. Otherwise the firm Hollingsworth is the same as the firm Annapolis Place and so on. Are you confused yet? Then congratulations the manufacturers name game is winning out, but don’t worry, Bedding Hotline will help you through it; hopefully saving you a few hundred dollars on a mattress purchase at the same time.

If you are a skeptic you can go to a fall back position and start by comparing comfort materials. If you are really good at it go to any mattress web site and organize the product by Class Convention (Recharge Classic, World Class Recharge, Beautyrest Black, TruEnergy, ComforPedic, etc.) and then by price. What you will notice that each name will have progression in price and therefore up the scale as to the quality. By using this method you get the general order of mattresses and therefore their classification.

Nonetheless, the Hollingsworth is the same as the Annapolis Place. So the next question we get is why our prices are so much less than Macys. The answer is we sell mattresses all the time, not perfume or clothing. We specialize in mattresses for less and price mattresses so they sell quickly to a wider audience than those that can afford Macys. You might think that we take a lot of business away from Macys or any other retailer but they have such a large clientele that they still sell thousands of mattresses at the higher price. If they matched our prices they would lose more money than if they keep their price the same.

If you are interested in saving a few hundred dollars then order online through Bedding Hotline and we will include free white glove delivery, mattress removal, room of choice set up and there is no sales tax. We guarantee the lowest price!

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